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Beauty Begins Within

La Jolla Medical Spa and Wellness

Wellness Is A Journey

Welcome to VitaLab Wellness + Medspa in La Jolla, CA

When it comes to our health and wellness, change is inevitable. Throughout our lives, changes to our bodies, lifestyles, and desires cause our needs to fluctuate and evolve. At VitaLab Wellness, we tailor our services to suit your current chapter of life while promoting your most vibrant future. With diagnostic, corrective, and preventative solutions, we are honored to provide you with truly holistic and individualized health, wellness, and aesthetic care at our La Jolla medical spa. Wellness is a journey, and we are here to walk you through every step.

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Vitality Defined

Our Services

“Health is a state of vibrant vitality, abundant energy, and positive affect. It can be cultivated, enhanced, and experienced by everyone.”

–Dr. Erica Oberg ND, MPH

Streamline Your Experience

Medspa Memberships in La Jolla, CA

Explore our membership options to maximize your treatment benefits and experience. We offer a variety of packages to ensure you receive precisely personalized care in a way that supports every aspect of your needs. 

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Live Better Longer

Biohacking & Anti-Aging

We offer a variety of regenerative and brain health therapies to help you achieve and maintain optimal energy, functionality, and overall wellness. Based on your biological needs and goals, we will curate a detailed plan to restore or enhance your cognitive, metabolic, and cellular function, counteracting the effects of aging to keep you looking, feeling, and performing at your best. Learn about the benefits of peptides, exosomes, NAD+, and brain-boosting treatments, and schedule your consultation to regain your youthful vitality.

InjectablesEmsculpt NEOMedical Weight LossIPLReVitalizeMorpheus8

Seamlessly Refined

Injectables in La Jolla, CA

Injectable treatments account for some of the most convenient, effective, and versatile aesthetic solutions available today. At our VitaLab medical spa La Jolla expert injectors deliver a personalized treatment experience using the most trusted names in injectables. With treatments quick enough to fit into your lunch break, you can erase or diminish fine lines and wrinkles, restore lost volume, and enhance facial definition and proportions to achieve a youthfully refined look that will last for months at a time. Learn more about injectables like Botox, Dysport, and dermal fillers, and schedule your consultation for injectables in La Jolla.

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Better Contours Through Synergy

Emsculpt NEO in La Jolla, CA

Emsculpt NEO is a combination, non-invasive body sculpting treatment that addresses multiple issues simultaneously and without any downtime. While radiofrequency energy melts away isolated excess fat, HIFEM (high-intensity focused electromagnetic) energy stimulates muscles for enhanced tone and definition. Emsculpt NEO can be applied to virtually any area of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, and upper arms. Experience this high-tech, synergistic treatment for a youthfully aesthetic physique and permanent fat reduction in La Jolla.

Emsculpt NEO

Your goals are within reach!

Medical Weight Loss in La Jolla, CA

Numerous factors contribute to excess weight, including genetics, lifestyle, health conditions, hormonal changes, and others. VitaLab offers personalized, comprehensive solutions for La Jolla weight loss patients, including peptide therapy, groundbreaking semaglutide treatments, and other wellness solutions that can be tailored to ensure that every aspect of your concerns is addressed with expert precision. Learn more about the medical weight loss therapies we offer, and schedule your consultation to achieve lasting results.

Medical Weight Loss

Impeccable Complexion

IPL in La Jolla, CA

The IPL photofacial (or intense pulsed light therapy) is a non-invasive facial treatment that improves the tone and texture of your skin. IPL takes less than an hour to perform and requires no anesthesia or downtime, so you can return to your day immediately after leaving our state-of-the-art medspa in La Jolla. While IPL offers noticeable improvements as a standalone treatment, it is also the perfect add-on to your existing skincare regimen and other in-office procedures. Your most impeccable complexion is within reach with IPL at VitaLab.



Vitamin IV in La Jolla, CA

IV therapy offers the fastest and most efficient delivery of vitamins and nutrients to your body, optimizing absorption and benefits. IV therapy bypasses the digestive system, where large portions of nutrients are often lost, gradually and gently infusing your bloodstream with the right amount of the right nutrients. VitaLab offers IV therapy to enhance cognitive function, hormone balance, immune system function, natural rejuvenation, pregnancy health, beauty, and overall wellness for a visibly healthy and holistic glow.

Vitamin IV

Beauty Made Better

Morpheus8 in La Jolla, CA

Morpheus8 goes beyond traditional microneedling, enhancing its effectiveness with radiofrequency energy delivered beneath the skin’s surface. By creating tiny microchannels on the skin’s surface, Morpheus8 stimulates natural collagen production for comprehensive complexion repair. Expanding on the benefits of collagen induction therapy, Morpheus8 offers a noticeable tightening effect along with progressive improvements in the skin’s tone, texture, and elasticity for a refreshed and youthful look that lasts.


Synergistic. Holistic. Idyllic.

A Beautifully Balanced Treatment Experience

At VitaLab, we hold the strong belief that a beautiful and fulfilling life can only be achieved through uncompromising dedication to the whole person. With decades of combined experience as practitioners and researchers, each treatment our providers perform is designed to holistically support your overall wellness, promoting exquisitely authentic and long-lasting vitality and confidence.  Through state-of-the-art non-surgical aesthetic, wellness, and regenerative therapies, we are here to ensure that every aspect of your care is formulated to help you look, feel, and function at your best.

With treatments designed to work synergistically with your body to stimulate and support natural rejuvenation, you can realize your best possible results without compromising other aspects of your overall well-being. Your life is yours alone, and we are here to help you make the most of it. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all treatments; instead, we tailor your treatment to fit your needs. We are experts at exceeding expectations without overtreating. Through the conservative application of advanced, holistic therapies, we are here to help you achieve your most beautiful life, inside and out. 

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“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“VitaLab Wellness has absolutely changed my life!! Their services are beyond luxurious and exceptional, and they have helped me accomplish & continue to cheer me on as I am working on my weight loss journey with them. I have lost 65 lbs!! 65 lbs!!! I have always struggled with weight loss my whole life, and the entire VitaLab team has helped coach and cheer me on.”

–Emily C., La Jolla, CA, weight loss patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“I had a fantastic experience at VitaLab Wellness …The staff welcomed me warmly and helped me choose the right services. I got an IV, and the facility is clean and modern, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this Medspa for a rejuvenating experience!”

–Leila R., La Jolla, CA, microneedling, PRP facial, B-12 injections, cellulite reduction, and Emsculpt patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“I was staying in the La Jolla area recently, and the concierge suggested that I visit VitaLab Wellness Center to seek treatment for feeling a little dehydrated from my travel. I was greeted by a very professional and knowledgeable staff who guided me into the appropriate therapy to restore my well-being! I would definitely recommend VitaLab for anyone looking for a great experience. I will be back next time I'm in town!”

–Paul J., La Jolla, CA, IV therapy patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“I had an absolutely incredible experience at VitaLab in La Jolla. I availed of their Liquid IV service, and I must say, I've never felt more energized and hydrated. It's truly a unique and effective wellness solution. But the absolute game-changer for me was their EmSculpt Neo machine. Even after just one session, I've seen a noticeable difference in my abs. It's the perfect combination of convenience and effectiveness. … It's refreshing to see a business genuinely committed to improving the health and wellness of their clients. I highly recommend VitaLab to anyone looking for an edge in their wellness journey.”

–Julian B., La Jolla, CA, Emsculpt NEO and IV therapy patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“VitaLab is an amazing 1-stop shop for all things wellness! The staff is so friendly, and the ambiance is wonderful. The IV therapy really does make a difference and keeps me feeling refreshed after. I also bought some vitamins that aid in weight loss, and I can genuinely say that those really work when used in conjunction with good diet/exercise, of course. Couldn’t recommend this place more!”

–Juanita, La Jolla, CA, B-12 injections, IV therapy, and Emsculpt NEO patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“Only a few weeks since my first appointment with Dr. Erica and I have had some of the best nights’ sleep. Between the peptide and hormone oils, I’m starting to finally feel better.”

–Kristy P., La Jolla, CA, peptide therapy and hormone oil patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

"I’ve been coming to VitaLab for a little over a month now for weekly semaglutide injections and IM Skinny shots. Everyone here is so amazing! Lucille has been great since day one and has made me feel comfortable and welcomed, she also is very informative. I enjoy the variety of services they offer, it’s so nice to be able to get a lot of self-care treatments all in one place. And thanks to my weekly injections, I’ve felt better in the last few weeks than I have in years!"

–Alyssa B., La Jolla, CA, Semaglutide patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“This place is honestly amazing!! I’ve gotten Botox here, IV infusions, and used the sauna, and all of my treatments have been top-notch, and they have sooo much more to offer than just that!! Sarah W. was my IV nurse, and she was the best, I didn’t feel a thing, and she brought me snacks and drinks during the treatment. I will definitely be a returning client!!”

–Julie V., La Jolla, CA, Botox and IV therapy patient.

“Absolute Game-Changer”

VitaLab Wellness La Jolla Testimonials

“I scheduled a last-minute IV therapy to cure a hangover. I had never done an IV before, besides after surgery, so I was hesitant but desperate. The staff were so welcoming and nice, and the IV didn’t hurt at all. I feel like a new woman and will 100% be going back here for more IVs and possibly other services they offer. Thank you so much!!”

–Jade S., La Jolla, CA, IV therapy patient.


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Your Wellness Providers

The VitaLab Team

Our team applies decades of experience in holistic medicine to deliver a concierge-level experience for patients seeking an enhanced quality of life through better health and wellness. We specialize in a broad spectrum of wellness-based treatments to support your body, mind, and spirit in any chapter of life. To do this effectively, every member of our team views each individual’s concerns from an exceptionally empathetic and experienced perspective.  Using the most advanced solutions available today, our practitioners are here to help you live the life you envision. Partner with us to receive expertly tailored treatment from providers who see the person beyond the patient.

  • NAD+
  • Telehealth
  • Anti-aging
  • Exosomes
  • Brain health
  • Metabolic health
  • Food sensitivities
  • Functional medicine
  • Root cause medicine
  • Regenerative therapies
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Concierge natural medicine
  • Holistic health and wellness
  • Nutrition & intravenous nutrition
  • Non-surgical aesthetic treatments
  • Chronic disease management & reversal
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement & rebalancing