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Dr. Castillo is passionate about the integration of metabolic health with anti-aging medicine and aesthetics. He is an expert in precision medicine with over twenty years of experience. This discipline of precision medicine takes the collective lessons from life circumstances, environmental factors, and genetic predispositions, then synthesizing these aspects of an individual to create a unique health plan—a health roadmap that will help the individual overcome their most difficult challenges.

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He also applies the principles of precision medicine to aesthetics – he helps patients put together a roadmap to reach their aesthetic goals in an individualized manner, for example, by giving small doses more frequently to gradually and naturally accomplish a desired appearance. Today, Dr.Castillo is happy to be able to directly serve patients who take charge of their health and pride themselves in their aesthetics. 

Prior to pursuing a medical career he earned a bachelors of science degree in Nutrition Science from the University of California at Davis. He has expertise in regenerative orthopedics, holistic family, medicine, and state-of-the-science aesthetic medicine. Dr. Castillo is also the author of “The Bumpy Path to Freedom.” In this book, he details 19 principles to achieve life success. “There is a resolution for every challenge you face in life that can take you a step closer to freedom-if you don’t fear it that is, and you are ready to break past that which stands in your way.” When you see Dr.Castillo around VitaLab, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself. He will surely do his best to help you reach your health goals.