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$199- Base $499 with medication

If you are tired of living with those extra pounds and would like to take the first step toward losing weight, our team at VitaLab can help! We approach weight loss with every science-based trick in the toolbox and combine that with realistic diet & nutrition programs that fit easily into your life. While you will experience results quickly, this isn’t a quick fix! We aim for meaningful, long-lasting results and a new lifestyle that will continue to support the new ,healthier you! Depending on how much you need to lose, expect to invest at least 90 days into resetting your metabolism and moving your body into fat-burning mode.


With membership pricing and access to our core wellness services, you’ll maintain peak performance, both physically and mentally! Start Off your membership with a body composition assessment and clinician consultation so you can get personalized guidance on your path to wellness.

IV MEMBERSHIP — $195 monthly

Keep your nutrient status optimized with our monthly infusion membership. Membership includes one regular infusion from our menu priced at $225, or take $ 225 off any IV (including NAD+) of greater value with select restrictions.

BEAUTIFUL YOU — $195 Annually

Our best beauty membership is the easiest way to keep yourself looking youthful and fresh! We Pride ourselves on using only premium skincare products, and exquisitely trained estheticians and aesthetic nurse injectors specialize in natural results that look refreshed.