VitaLab was borne out of Dr. Erica’s passion for wellness and her commitment to science-based medicine. After decades of witnessing the power of IV vitamin therapy and research-backed regenerative therapies in her patients, she wanted to make it more accessible to more people. TJ had personally experienced the power of IV vitamins and his entrepreneurial mind knew that making people feel great is great business! The two met at Rancho La Puerta, the O.G. of health spas, where both love to go indulge in their own well-being.


  • More than a Med Spa, we aim to be California’s premier option for nourishing and regenerative wellness. By offering nontoxic, natural, cutting-edge wellness solutions to fatigue, aging, and disease, we seek to shift the paradigm of medicine away from sick care toward thriving. We do so by putting the power of natural vitamin therapy & regenerative medicine into the hands of wellness-seekers.

What we do:

 Health and wellness services include IVs, injections, body contouring and healing, anti-aging, and aesthetic medicine services. Services are available a la carte but benefits are incremental so subscriptions and packages are encouraged. Many services can also be “stacked” to optimize wellness through multiple routes as efficiently as possible.  

  • The spectrum of services embrace wellness from the inside and out, ranging from nutrient repletion to aesthetic body rejuvenation.
  • Core services include nutrient injections and infusion, anti-aging/regenerative therapies and programs, non-destructive fat melting/body contouring/weight loss services, and non-toxic aesthetics. 
  • Memberships & subscriptions for maximum benefit to patients for maintenance therapy

Our corporate values include:

  • Exquisite, warm, and personal customer service and patient relationship
  • A luxurious comfortable physical environment that invites patients to invest in themselves and to indulge in the luxury of wellbeing
  • Abundance – when our patients and staff thrive, we thrive. Employees are family. When our patients are at peak wellness, they inspire their communities and beyond to achieve and operate from a higher level of well-being. When we lead from a place of wellness and abundance, we give wellness and abundance to all.
  • Data-driven – we follow and evaluate the science and pivot to bring our patients cutting-edge options that fall solidly on the side of safety yet embrace innovation.

Key Concepts:

  • Wellness from inside and out
  • Nourish yourself
  • Combining the rigors of science with the wisdom of nature
  • Feel great, look great
  • Wellness can be cultivated, achieved, and experienced by everybody
  • Authenticity, acceptance, positivity


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