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Exosome therapy is a great option for when you want to restore your skin and look younger. I sometimes refer to exosomes as next level stem cells because they are the isolated “active ingredient” responsible for the regenerative benefits of stem cell therapy. Plus, exosomes have better safety parameters and efficacy compared to other stem cell treatments.

Exosomes are one of the latest trends in skincare and anti-aging technology because they produce eye-catching results.  Clinical research studies have helped us understand the mechanisms behind exosome therapy and how it rejuvenates the skin and body. They are widely used in wound care, and speed recovery from surgical incisions. The same treatment can be a transformative treatment option for many patients. Here’s what to know about exosome therapy and how it can help.


Exosomes are tiny vesicles produced within stem cells and released into extracellular space. They contain proteins and other biomolecules, which may be involved in cell-to-cell communication or cellular component transportation. Mesenchymal exosomes are especially exciting because these vesicles of mRNA tell the surrounding cells to activate repair and regeneration protocols consistent with the generative activity that happens before we are born. In short, they can help support cellular activity, including cellular activity related to skin rejuvenation and regrowth.


There are a handful of biotechnology companies that specialize in exosomes, and it is important to know what sets one apart from the other. Some promote autologous exosomes from your own fat or blood – these will only be as good as your own age and health. Mesenchymal stem cells come from placenta and are pluripotent, meaning they have the programing to turn into any type of tissue. Exosomes are grown in sterile cultures much like other biologic therapies. One factor that can differentiate the quality of the exosome product is the media in which the cells are grown – for example, the company we use enriches its growth media with extra vitamins and nutrients. The source of the original cell line matters too as the product must be free from DNA damage, viruses, or other contaminants. This is further confirmed with extensive filtration and testing. To prepare the final end product, the exosomes must be isolated from the cells (exosome products are cell-free, which is part of why they are superior to some stem cell products). Then the concentration of the exosomes must be quantified along with the other active cytokines and growth factors. The end result is a consistent, potent product that, when applied to skin, stimulates regeneration and renewal.


Exosome therapy can be very beneficial for cosmetic treatment. We typcially use it with microneedling as an anti-aging treatment to help boost skin cell turnover and generate healthy new collagen. Additionally, it can be used to help support the results of your other cosmetic treatments by boosting cellular communication about repair and replication. It’s one of the most advanced cosmetic technologies available and can be a great option for many patients.

Exosomes are also a powerful tool for hair restoration. Because they signal the cells in the hair follicles to behave like younger cells again, they stimulate new growth. Exosomes keep the follicles in the anogen growth phase longer. The clinical research is compelling, as are the results we’ve seen on our own patients. This example is following 3 monthly treatments, with the after photos taken 3 months after the last treatment.

la jolla med spa patients before and after
 la jolla medical spa patient before and afters


Exosomes can produce results in as little as 1-2 months, with a noticeable improvement in your skin’s quality, look and feel. These results will continue to improve at three months after a single treatment. Compared to PRP which may require 3-6 treatments for results, exosomes usually require only 1-2 treatments. Many people choose to maintain their results with annual maintenance treatments.


If you’re ready to learn more about your options with regenerative medicine, Dr. Erica Oberg can help. Schedule a consultation at VitaLab Wellness by calling or filling out our online contact form.