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Naturopathic medicine is a specific system of medicine that combines natural therapeutic practices with modern science to achieve optimal health. Licensed Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are educated and trained at accredited naturopathic medical colleges, and take into account a patient’s comprehensive biological, psychological, and social health. They can diagnose and treat patients of all genders, ages, and conditions. The main goal of naturopathic care is to assist the body’s natural capacity to heal by treating the whole person with an individualized plan and teaching the patient how to prevent further illness.


Naturopathic care is guided by the Therapeutic Order, which defines the natural progression and prioritization of care, providing the greatest benefit with the least possibility for side effects.

Remove Hurdles to Health

The first step to improving your health is to remove any elements that are causing a disturbance. This may include poor diet, chronic stress, inadequate sleep, digestive disturbances, lack of exercise, and more. A treatment plan will be created based on each patient’s individual health hurdles to improve the environment in which the disease initially developed.

Encourage the Self-Healing Mechanisms

There is a selection of different therapies that are used to strengthen the body’s healing process. These may include clinical nutrition, botanical medicine, mind-body medicine, hormones, peptides, and other natural therapies.

Repair Weakened Systems

Naturopathic medicine understands that the body’s organ systems are all interconnected. Any imbalances that are present in this system will be restored for optimal functioning.

Connect Structural Integrity

Physical methods like massage therapy, therapeutic exercise, LED light therapy, and more are used to help improve the musculoskeletal system.

Use Natural Substances to Restore and Regenerate

Health restoration is the primary goal of naturopathic medicine. When a specific disease or injury needs to be addressed, safe and effective natural options are prescribed to minimize toxicity on a system that is already overloaded. Of course, when needed, pharmaceutical medications are also used.


For more information regarding naturopathic medicine or to learn more about our offered treatments, contact VitaLab in San Diego, CA today. Your first step toward treatment will be to schedule a consultation with Dr. Erica Oberg or one of her team of doctors, during which we create a personalized treatment plan for your health and wellbeing.