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Why maintaining a healthy weight is so difficult and how we can help you

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy weight? Most people understand that a healthy weight prevents more serious health complications. It’s also natural to want to feel and look good in your body, and have your appearance reflect the vitality and wellness you feel on the inside!

Our goal is to simultaneously help you feel and look your best. We understand the catch-22s of weight loss – it’s no fun to put on tight exercise clothes when you aren’t body-confident. Those first few sessions of a new work-out program are rough; building new muscle is painful! We’ve all been there, and over 20 years of expertise goes into our Clean & Lean weight loss program. We combine state of the science medical technology to give you a jump start on melting fat and building muscle, with compassionate coaching, a satisfying diet, and personalized supplements, infusions, and medications. We want to give you every advantage! Our realistic, effective lifestyle program can be dialed up or down, depending on your weight loss goals and timeline.

Here are a few highlights about how we help people lose weight and get healthy:

Science of Slim Membership

No one can do this alone! Our membership is all about ongoing support, accountability, and encouragement. It starts with a 30 min consult with one of our health coaches and metabolism experts. We’ll set you up with key supplements and access to our paleo-based lifestyle App. Your membership includes weekly weigh in and body composition assessment for the coaching and accountability you need and a lot more. We encourage you to make at least a 3 month commitment. Let’s do this!

Support your weight loss with flexible discounted packages

Everyone starts their health journey in a different place. Some people are “diet pros” who have gained and lost 100s of pounds over the years. You’ve done it before, and you can do it again! Others are dealing with unwanted weight for the first time due to life transitions – maybe menopause, a stressful new job, COVID, or a new family that has derailed your former fitness program. You’ve been through a set back, but we specialize in come backs! Where ever you are, we have options to customize your weight loss journey to fit your individual circumstances.

Nourish your metabolism with shots or infusions

You may have heard about the “skinny shot” from friends; Dr. Oberg’s version includes time-tested lipotropic factors with a hefty dose of B12 to super charge your metabolism. A twice-weekly boost of this combo will keep your energy and metabolism running strong.

Some people need a little more. Our IV infusions deliver larger doses of nutrients and can be switched up to address your evolving needs. Overdo it working out? Try the Recovery Formula. Hitting a plateau? Try the MetaboBoost! Our full menu is available to you. Not sure what you need? Sign up for a blood test and meet with the doctor to discuss your results and customize your program. We can test nutrient levels, metabolic factors, food sensitivities, hormones, and more!

The Medical Gym – harnessing sculpting technology

Our favorite technology tool is Emsculpt Neo (by BTL). This revolutionary device combines radio-frequency fat cell melting technology with electomagnetic muscle stimulation which performs 1000s of crunches while you lay comfortably. The combination builds muscle, melts fat, and tightens skin – a trifecta everyone can take advantage of! Emsculpt Neo can be useful at the beginning of a weight loss initiative to add the benefits of an intensive gym workout while still in the “beginner” stages of fitness. It can also be used later in one’s program to add definition, tone, and “spot reduction” in difficult areas like triceps, abs, or inner thighs.

LED light therapy (UltraLight by Rohrer) which uses very high intensity multi-range wave lengths is another method to melt fat, stimulate collagen regeneration and tighten skin. Light is shone on targeted regions of the body or face where it penetrates deep below to surface to do its work. You simply relax and let it do its work. Not only is it painless, it’s pleasant! This technique is great for both rejuvenation and maintenance, and requires a few sessions a week.

Sauna is an evidence-based therapy proven to burn calories, improve detoxification pathways, and stimulate endorphins. Our sauna (Sunlighten Amplify II) provides far, mid, and near range infrared. Far infrared light ways are most significant in that they penetrate deep under the skin to heat and melt subcutaneous adipose tissue without the discomfort of very high temperatures. Further, Sunlighten saunas emit the lowest levels of EMF and have the highest emissivity ratings on the market. This can be a gentle entry to stimulating metabolism, and can be used to power through plateaus in weight loss.

All of our body sculpting technologies work best when combined with our gentle detox protocol for 3 days after each session. While the therapies will work regardless of whether you follow the full protocol, you will get faster and better results if you do the lifestyle and supplemental nutrients that further support fat loss.

Brain Retraining

Sometimes, we are our own biggest obstacle. Negative thinking, self-sabotage, low motivation can all get in the way of good intentions. Often we need to re-set our internal dialog and routine thought patterns to really make meaningful lifestyle changes. BrainTap is a proven technology that combines guided vocal “lessons” with LED light signals delivered through a headphone/eye mask device. Neuro-linguistic-programming is a research-proven technique that is compared to something between guided meditation and hypnosis and when positive psychology messages are delivered this way, they are more powerful. Additionally, the BrainTap headset uses the same photobiomodulation light science as our UltraLight device (different wave lengths) to super charge the auditory messages. We strongly promote health at any size, and this technology can both help you lose weight and also make peace with your body as it is now. You can complete a session while you are getting another treatment at VitaLab, or you can purchase a BrainTap headset to use at home daily. We can assign a customized series of appropriate sessions for you to listen to.

Take advantage of every tool on the toolbox

Sometimes, prescription-strength help is needed. Our doctors are here to help! We offer both traditional and compounded state-of-the science prescriptions. Peptides, hormones, GLP-1 agonists, HCG, neurotransmitter modulators for cravings, plus customized dietary supplements and custom IV/shot formulations. If you need this additional level of support, you can upgrade your membership to include doctor supervision and prescriptions.

Weight loss over the long term

Weight loss and maintenance of a healthy body weight require long-term commitment. Joining the Science of Slim membership gives you the daily and weekly accountability to keep you on track, plus discounts on additional services. Working on weight management through membership also customizes your plan by switching up your “supercharge” strategies every 3 months or to prevent plateaus and keep you engaged. We’re right there with you as you continue to make this commitment to live your best and healthiest life. In case you aren’t yet convinced, the next section describes some of the perhaps underappreciated benefits of losing even 10% of your body weight.

Some of the Benefits You Can Expect When You Lose Weight

These are some additional benefits that come from losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet and regular physical activity plan that perhaps you didn’t know about:

1. Increased Fertility

Maintaining a healthy weight is vital as it can increase your chances of having a child. A high body mass index (BMI) can negatively impact your ability to conceive and prevents fertility treatment from working properly. A healthy weight is also crucial for those already trying to conceive. Women with a BMI of 25 or more will usually be advised to maintain their weight after they become pregnant to avoid high blood pressure and gestational diabetes.

2. Lower Incidence of Type 2 Diabetes

As many as one-third of people with type 2 diabetes may also be overweight or obese. Since type 2 diabetes causes a spike in your blood sugar levels, a poor diet and high BMI can make your type 2 more difficult to manage. If you risk developing this disease, your doctor may advise you to lose a few pounds to lower your risk.

3. Improved Sleep Quality

The increased metabolic demands caused by an overabundance of fat can lead to greater cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone that impairs restful sleep pattern. It is also linked to high blood pressure and an increased risk of heart disease. Sleep is incredibly important for your body to function properly and if your weight is getting in the way of your sleep, you may want to consider a new diet or weight loss regimen.

4. Protection from Breast Cancer

Research has shown that women who are overweight or obese are at a greater risk for breast cancer than others in their demographic group who have an average weight. The risk is even greater when the woman has a high level of saturated fat in her diet; this comes from fried foods and fatty foods like butter, red meat, and cheese. To lower your risk of developing breast cancer, stick to a healthier diet and maintain an exercise routine.

5. Lower Incidence of Colorectal Cancer

A study conducted by researchers from the University of California San Francisco found that women who have or had breast cancer have a higher chance of developing colorectal cancer. The risk increases as much as 60% for women who are overweight or obese compared with average-weight women.

6. Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease

When you are overweight or obese, your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke is significantly higher than the normal-weight population. The main reason is that fat cells produce toxic substances called free radicals, which damage the body. When you lose weight, these potentially dangerous toxins can be flushed out of your body.

7. Lower Incidence of Osteoarthritis

Excess fat in the hips and knees increases the risk of developing osteoarthritis, which results in pain and stiffness when the joints are moved frequently. Obesity also increases the rate of complications with joint replacement surgery, such as infection and blood clotting in the joint.

We’re here for you, schedule a Consultation to get started

If you aren’t at your ideal body weight, we understand. It is not a character flaw or a sign that you aren’t an amazing human being. The reality is that more that 60% of Americans are overweight. We all struggle with the challenges of our modern environment – readily available sugar, screen-time that reduces our physical activity, stressors like jobs, family, and everything else! The VitaLab team is here to help you take the necessary steps to reduce your weight, feel better about yourself, and minimize the risk of other health problems. Our program Science of Slim program is based on over 20 years of successful strategies. VitaLab is a leader in weight loss and weight control with the most advanced weight loss products and services. Schedule a consultation today with our expert health coach by filling out an online contact form or calling our San Diego, CA office at 858-999-0159.