Vitamin Injections

Happy $45

Contains B vitamins to support neurotransmitters and a more positive outlook.

Calm $45

The antidote to a stressful day. Taurine and magnesium calm your body and mind quickly.

Performance $65

Get your game on! This blend contains vitamins and amino acids for peak athletic performance and muscle building.

Skinny $45

Your special support shot! This IV infusion boosts fat burning and metabolism.

Detox $45

Clears toxins and fights free radicals while boosting the immune system. Great after overdoing it on a night out, or as a regular part of your routine to maintain clear skin and prevent signs of aging.

Brainiac $65

Supports mental function, clarity, and focus. Try it before your next big meeting or other mental performance. This IV vitamin treatment is a key part of our comprehensive brain health program.

Cold Buster $65

Even better than a bowl of chicken soup! This IV therapy will help ease your symptoms of congestion and fatigue and shorten their duration.

Recovery $45

Whether you pushed too hard at the gym or are getting over an injury or surgery, this injection will give your body the nutrients it needs to heal faster.

Pep $65

When you need a little pep in your step, ask for our Pep intravenous vitamin therapy! This energizing B vitamin combination brightens mood and boosts energy.

Rocket Fuel (NAD+) $65

NAD+ is critical for mitochondrial function and is one of our favorites for energy, mental clarity, and anti-aging benefits. A great treatment for people looking to get their youthful vitality back. This IV infusion therapy is also powerful for addiction recovery and mitochondrial conditions.

NAD+ is priced by dose. If you are new to NAD+, we recommend starting low and working up.

Youth $65

Get a little help with turning back the clock. This formula is designed for anti-aging, longevity, and looking as young as you feel.

Pain Free $65

Threw out your back? Have a migraine? Kidney stone? When your pain is intense, this will take off the edge. Non-opioid, non-addictive anti-inflammatory ketorolac.


These nutrients can be combined with any of our proprietary formulas listed above. Customize your IV vitamin infusions for the precise benefits you want! Given as a second injection on the opposite side of the body.

  • B12 hydroxycobalamin (5mg/m B12)
  • B-complex 100 (B1 100mg, B3 2mg, B6 100mg, B12 1mg/mL)
  • B-12 methylcobalamin 5000mcg/mL
  • Glutathione 200mg/mL