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A complexion with a healthy glow and thick, shiny hair are both attributes that most people associate with health and beauty. If you are looking for a skin or hair pick-me-up, our beauty IV therapies are a great option! Formulated with beauty in mind, these treatment therapies contain the nutrients that your skin and hair crave for the look of healthy beauty from within.

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This formula will help your skin glow with health and well-being! Vitamin C helps to encourage collagen growth, while biotin and niacinamide help to improve your skin’s hydration and smoothness. Supercharge this with a glutathione push.


This antioxidant-rich infusion was created to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. It contains lysine, a powerful amino acid that can promote healthy hair growth, biotin, which stimulates keratin production to nourish and quicken hair growth, and more!


If you are looking to improve the health of your skin and hair, our IV therapies are a great choice! Contact VitaLab to schedule a New Patient Infusion. If are interested in how IV Therapy can fit into a more comprehensive beauty program, schedule a new patient consultation.

la jolla beauty iv model smiling


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