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Hormone balance is vital for physical, mental, and emotional functioning. Healthy hormone levels help your body to run smoothly. When hormone levels become unbalanced, many unwanted symptoms can occur. At VitaLab in La Jolla hormone balance IV therapy helps everyone ensure that hormones are balanced for a healthy and happy you.

  • He: This nutrient combination supports lean muscle with amino acids and libido with zinc, and leaves you relaxed but energized with healthy doses of magnesium and B12.
  • She: Created for gentle hormone detoxification and energy, this is a great formula to reduce PMS and perimenopause symptoms! Women can also benefit from it any time during their cycle.
  • Adrenal Support: This is a useful formula for everyone! At the root of hormonal imbalances is the impact of stress on the adrenals. Cortisol “steals” all your hormone precursors, causing an imbalance in everything else. This formula can fix these imbalances for a healthier you.
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For more information on the importance of hormonal balance for everyone, or to schedule your hormone balance IV therapy La Jolla patients can contact VitaLab in La Jolla, CA today. Our founder, Dr. Erica Oberg, ND, MPH, is dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health through integrative and natural medicine.


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