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Caring for your body is more important than ever during pregnancy, as your health affects your baby’s health. Taking the steps to ensure that you are getting the correct vitamins and nutrients is important for ensuring a healthy pregnancy. If you are seeking a natural remedy to symptoms associated with pregnancy or are simply looking for a boost in energy and hydration, we have the IV therapies to help.

la jolla pregnancy iv therapy model smiling


Alleviates fatigue, nausea, and morning sickness, and contains key nutrition for this stage of pregnancy. Equally important is what it doesn’t contain – anything potentially risky during this critical time of development.


During this stage of pregnancy, we prioritize hydration, key B vitamins, and calming taurine to help you focus on those nesting instincts!

3rd Trimester

The formula contains energy-boosting B vitamins, magnesium for aching back, and other essential nutrients to help prepare you for birthing and healing afterward.

Iron For Pregnant Women

For pregnant women (or anyone else) with confirmed iron deficiency anemia. IV iron infusions can be a safe and effective method to increase iron levels. These infusions require labs from your doctor and consultation with VitaLab staff doctors.


If you are in need of a pregnancy pick-me-up, contact VitaLab today to schedule an IV therapy appointment. At our San Diego, CA office, we aim to provide excellent care for overall improved health and wellness.


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