Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then! If you are feeling dehydrated, sluggish, or just feel like your energy levels need a boost, our IV therapies are an effective solution. Each formula is created using particular nutrients to help address your unique needs.

Happy Traveler

Don’t forget to add this infusion to your packing list! This combination of immune support and B vitamins for stress will help you begin your journey in great health.

Good Ole’ B12

B12 is a powerful nutrient with many jobs, including nourishing the brain and nervous system, assisting in the formation of healthy red blood cells, aiding in creating DNA, and more. This formula can be added to any infusion to super-charge your day! We carry both methyl and hydroxy forms in doses up to 5000mcg. We never use the synthetic cyanocobalamin. Additional B12 can be added to any bag.


Quenches completely and rehydrates immediately. A great solution for any time you’ve overdone it to accelerate your recovery. People following keto/paleo diets especially benefit as those diets can affect electrolyte balance.


Soothing chicken soup for your blood cells! Dr. Oberg’s super-charged version of the Myer’s cocktail is the go-to when you just need a little TLC and a boost in nutrition. This formula contains electrolytes, Vitamin C, and critical B vitamins.

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We are dedicated to providing you with optimal treatment for improved overall health.


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