The brain is the command center for the nervous system and controls memory, thoughts, emotions, and movement. As we age, our brain function can diminish and we have a higher chance of developing neurological diseases, which is why maintaining your brain health throughout your life is vital for long-term health and brain function longevity. At VitaLab, we offer a selection of IV therapies to support the brain.


B vitamins calm stress and help support a healthy nervous system. This balanced B vitamin formula will have you walking out feeling better than when you walked in and helps combat symptoms such as tiredness, irritability, nervousness, or depression.


Dr. Oberg’s carefully researched nootropic formulation supports cognitive function and focus. It contains select B vitamins and selenium for optimal results. A CoQ10 injection is included. This is an ideal pre-treatment before exosomes or combined with NAD+. Try finishing this one with a glutathione push!

OM Calm

Is your brain running away without you? Are you having a hard time keeping up with yourself? If so, the OM Calm solution is for you; you’ll be back on the ground before your infusion is finished! This mixture contains taurine, which calms the nervous system, and electrolytes, which are essential minerals for many key functions in the body.

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If you are interested in learning more about our Brain Health IV therapies, contact VitaLab in San Diego, CA today to schedule a New Patient Infusion. If are interested in how IV Therapy can fit into a more comprehensive Brain Health program, or want to discuss a custom formulation or series of treatments, schedule a new patient consultation.

Using cutting-edge science combined with integrative and natural medicine, our founder, Dr. Oberg is dedicated to helping people experience a higher level of health.


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