Science of Slim Membership + Program

The Science of Slim – VitaLab’s evidence-based approach to weight loss.

No two people are exactly alike, which is why at VitaLab we put together customized weight loss protocols that target your individual obstacles and goals. If you are tired of living with those extra pounds and would like to take the first step toward losing weight, our team at VitaLab can help! We approach weight loss with every science-based trick in the tool box and combine that with realistic diet & nutrition programs that fit easily into your life. While you will experience results quickly, this isn’t a quick fix! We aim for meaningful, long lasting results and a new lifestyle that will continue to support the new, healthier you!

Our Science of Slim membership starts with a 90 day investment into resetting your metabolism and moving your body into fat-burning mode. Here are the benefits of perks of the Science of Slim Membership.

Science of Slim Weight Management $229
Recurs monthly, auto-renewal. Requires 30 days notice of cancellation, 3 month minimum commitment

  • BIA assessment ($100 value), weekly
  • Weekly check ins
  • Complementary blood draws, quarterly, up to 4 ($180 value)
  • One time Brief Dr or health coach consultation at sign up ($325 value)
  • Access to VitaLab lifestyle App – diet, fitness, meditation, coaching, accountability ($69/m value)
  • Access to our premier health coach network

Choice of 1 monthly

  • 2 Premium Shots ($130 value)
  • Sauna & Ice contrast hydrotherapy ($95 value)
  • RED or Green LED Light Therapy session ($95 value)


  • 10% off retail supplements
  • 10% off body contouring services
  • 10% off IV, shot, red light, or sauna packages

Here are some of the techniques and services members have discounted access to:

• Our medical gym, the Emsculpt Neo
• UltraLight, fat melting, skin toning LED photobiomodulation (Red and Green Light Therapy)
• 28-day App-based lifestyle program w/ menus, exercises, coaching, breathing, and more
• Supplement bundles
• Intramuscular injections
• IVs
• Sauna
• CelluTone body smoothing and cellulite reduction
• Hormone prescriptions
• Peptide prescriptions
• Lab testing for metabolic or hormone imbalances
• Lab testing for food sensitivities + nutrient deficiencies
• One on one health coaching
• Brain retraining to reduce cravings and emotional eating

Read on to learn more about some of these treatments.

Ultra Light, by Rohrer

LED light therapy has proven to be more than a fad, with outstanding patient results and glowing recommendations from doctors, dermatologists, and aestheticians.

With three large panels full of LED lamps and an articulating arm, you can easily treat both the face and the body. By utilizing the different wavelengths, you can target specific cellular processes that lead to incredible, therapeutic results.

The UltraLight’s stimulating LED wavelengths include:

  • UltraLight Red: Red 633nm effectively stimulates collagen, promotes circulation, reduces inflammation, and enhances cellular regeneration.
  • UltraLight Green:  Green 532nm is FDA cleared for a circumferential reduction on the hips, waist, and thighs. It also provides a calming effect on the skin while targeting skin pigmentation and dark spots.
  • UltraLight Blue: Blue 415nm targets the skin’s oil glands to help eliminate and reduce acne. 

Emsculpt Neo is the world’s first and only technology that uses radiofrequency and HIFEM+ (high intensity focused electromagnetic field) to eliminate fat and build muscle non-invasively. Research studies have shown that on average people have 30% less fat and 25% more muscle at the end of 4, 30 minute sessions.

28-day App-based lifestyle program

Fat is not making you fat! Our Science of Slim 28-day program teaches you how to follow a fat-burning diet and lifestyle plan that won’t leave you feeling deprived or exhausted! Rooted in intermittent fasting and a paleo-Mediterranean menu, this program helps you make meaningful, but realistic changes. (I’ve written about the scientific basis of this approach here). Through the App, you can also track and be held accountable, follow fitness and meditation videos, and more. Every Science of Slim member has complimentary access to help get things started.


Clinical studies have identified many nutrients and botanical medicines that can support weight loss – the trick is using the right ones for your individual situation. Here is a blog post (this is the new Peak Inside post ) in which Dr. Erica discusses some of her favorites.

  • Intramuscular injections

Weekly shots are a quick, cost-effective way to super charge your weight loss efforts. Choose from formulas designed to boost energy, speed muscular recovery, boost fat loss, and more.

  • IVs

Weekly infusions are an even more powerful way to upgrade your program. Infusions deliver much higher doses as compare to our injections, plus you get the added bonus of hydration.

  • Prescription strength weight loss – hormones, peptides, GLP-1 agonists, and more

Hormone imbalance is often the trigger for sudden weight gain (hello peri-menopause?) Both men and women are affected by age-related declines in hormone levels. Bioidentical hormone replacement is the answer. Dr. Erica is California’s only certified Menopause Method prescriber. This is a sophisticated, ALL-ORGANIC hormone replacement system that is scientifically titrated to your own optimal dose. Here’s more info on the program:

This is the ONLY organic hormone replacement option in the U.S and the only place you can get it in California is here at VitaLab. If you are interested in hormones, peptides, and other prescriptions, consider our Vitality Elite membership.

  • Lab testing for metabolic or hormone imbalances

You can’t measure progress when you haven’t measured. Dr. Erica’s background as a clinical researcher informs our Science of Slim lab packages. We specialize in measuring, treating, and tracking biomarkers for anti-aging therapies, hormone imbalances, and chronic disease reversal.

  • Lab testing for food sensitivities + nutrient deficiencies

Blood tests can help identify hidden obstacles to optimal wellness. Food sensitivities (IgG/gA cell-mediated delayed hypersensitivities) can rob you of energy and vitality. Testing is the first step to a personalized elimination and re-challenge program. While food sensitivies can impact digestion and nutrient absorption, nutrient deficiencies can occur for a number of reasons. Sometimes there are increased needs for specific nutrients (healing, recovery, chronic disease) and sometimes there are dietary short comings (not eating – or absorbing- sufficient nutrients. In all these cases, deficiencies are limiting your true health potential. Test results drive custom IV nutrient formulations, and can guide strategic dietary plans and supplement programs. Learn more here.

  • One on one health coaching

Who doesn’t benefit from professional coaching? Athletes, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Performers…they all achieve their top game through one-on-one coaching. Members have access our exclusive list of premier coaches and trainers. Our network of certified, trained, personally vetted professional coaches can walk you through the implementation and daily details of your wellness or weight loss plan.

  • Brain retraining to reduce cravings and emotional eating

We love the research and technology behind BrainTap. Even more, we love listening to these brain-changing programs while we are Toning and Strengthening using Ultra Light and Ultra Tone.


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