IV Therapy


Everyone wants to look and feel their best throughout the aging process. In order to achieve this, it is important that men and women consume a healthy and balanced diet, exercise regularly, properly address health concerns or issues, and obtain essential nutrients such as Vitamin C.
At VitaLab, we offer an array of anti-aging IV treatments to help you get the nutrients your body craves for a healthy, optimally functioning you.

Forever Young - $225

Healthy mitochondria are vital to a healthy and happy you! While their main task is to turn the sugars, starches, and other chemicals that we take in from food into cellular energy, they also aid in other important biological processes that are vital to the correct functioning of our cells.
VitaLab’s Forever Young IV formula was created to help you stay young and vibrant, and includes niacinamide, Vitamin B co-factors, and minerals to help support healthy mitochondria. It is also an excellent base formula to which NAD+ can be added.

Turn Back the Clock - $2800

Exosomes, or extracellular vesicles, serve as signaling devices for your cells to regenerate and repair. They can be used in many applications, including anti-aging benefits, neuro/cognitive optimization, nerve and muscle function, healing, hair restoration, and more. Derived from neonatal mesenchymal stem cells, exosomes may be the elusive fountain of youth!

NAD+ (200mg-1000mg) - starts at $400

NAD+, which stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a molecule that plays a vital role in the production of cellular energy, while also maintaining DNA health and ensuring proper cell function to protect against aging and disease. Unfortunately, NAD+ declines rapidly after the age of 40. This IV treatment is a great option for those looking to get their youthful vitality back and is also a powerful treatment for addiction recovery and mitochondrial conditions.
This treatment is priced by dose, and we recommend that you start with a mild treatment and work up to more over time. These infusions must be given slowly, so plan for some extra time.


The brain is the command center for the nervous system and controls memory, thoughts, emotions, and movement. As we age, our brain function can diminish and we have a higher chance of developing neurological diseases, which is why maintaining your brain health throughout your life is vital for long-term health and brain function longevity. At VitaLab, we offer a selection of IV therapies to support the brain.

Energizer - $255

B vitamins calm stress and help support a healthy nervous system. This balanced B vitamin formula will have you walking out feeling better than when you walked in and helps combat symptoms such as tiredness, irritability, nervousness, or depression.

Clarity - $325

Dr. Oberg’s carefully researched nootropic formulation supports cognitive function and focus. It contains select B vitamins and selenium for optimal results. A CoQ10 injection is included. This is an ideal pre-treatment before exosomes or combined with NAD+. Try finishing this one with a glutathione push!

OM Calm - $255

Is your brain running away without you? Are you having a hard time keeping up with yourself? If so, the OM Calm solution is for you; you’ll be back on the ground before your infusion is finished! This mixture contains taurine, which calms the nervous system, and electrolytes, which are essential minerals for many key functions in the body.


A complexion with a healthy glow and thick, shiny hair are both attributes that most people associate with health and beauty. If you are looking for a skin or hair pick-me-up, our beauty IV therapies are a great option! Formulated with beauty in mind, these treatment therapies contain the nutrients that your skin and hair crave for the look of healthy beauty from within.

Glow - $325

This formula will help your skin glow with health and well-being! Vitamin C helps to encourage collagen growth, while biotin and niacinamide help to improve your skin’s hydration and smoothness. Supercharge this with a glutathione push.

Mane Choice - $255

This antioxidant-rich infusion was created to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. It contains lysine, a powerful amino acid that can promote healthy hair growth, biotin, which stimulates keratin production to nourish and quicken hair growth, and more!

Glutathione- $125

Glutathione is our body’s natural powerful antioxidant. An extra dose through intravenous therapy can boost detox, add energy, and eliminate nasty free radicals. As a potent antioxidant, glutathione can help boost liver function, which can have a cascade effect on the rest of your body as well. When your body has fewer toxins in it, it can boost skin health and immune function, and help prevent premature aging.
Some people may experience a “detox” reaction and feel a bit achy or experience flu-like symptoms following their dose. Don’t worry though, this is usually a sign that you need it! Glutathione is also a common add-on to other formulas.


An optimally functioning body is a happy one! At VitaLab, we provide a selection of IV therapies specifically formulated to improve energy levels and bodily functions so that you can reach your full potential. Each infusion is specifically created to address a unique set of needs, so you are sure to find the treatment that is right for you.

Recovery - $325

When injuries and body pain are a barrier to being physically active, it’s hard to achieve maximum wellness. This infusion stimulates tissue repair and healing to help you get back in the game. Carnitine, biotin, and electrolytes lead this formulation. It is also great pre/post-surgery.

Detox - $200

This formula contains lipotropic factors, which help your liver process toxins and flush them out of the body. Plus, glutathione and key co-factors help to optimize metabolism. This is a great treatment to receive before a party to help you look and feel your best the day after!

Metaboboost - $255

Are you struggling to achieve the results you desire with diet and exercise alone? This formula of electrolytes, amino acids, lipotropic factors, and B12 provides nutritional co-factors to aids in healthy metabolism and fat burning.

Cardiotonic - $255

Fills your heart with love (and cardiac-specific nutrition)! It is also good for high blood pressure and peripheral vascular disease. This formula contains heart-supporting elements such as magnesium, taurine, carnitine, and more. Try adding on an injection of CoQ10.

Leaky Gut - $325

A great formula to heal increased intestinal permeability, also known as leaky gut. It aids in repairing the digestive barrier and also helps you catch up on nutrition you may be missing due to absorption issues.

High Dose Vitamin C - Starts at $225

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that has a significant impact on the immune system. Vitamin C as an IV infusion is renowned for its anti-cancer effects and has been used since the 1970s. It is one of the best researched and effective therapies outside of conventional treatment options. As immune support, vitamin C has been shown to reduce the length of hospital stays and shorten the duration of colds, flu, and COVID. Higher doses require confirmation of G6PD status (a blood test), a referral from your current doctor/nurse practitioner, or approval by a VitaLab staff doctor.


Everyone needs a pick-me-up now and then! If you are feeling dehydrated, sluggish, or just feel like your energy levels need a boost, our IV therapies are an effective solution. Each formula is created using particular nutrients to help address your unique needs.

Happy Traveler - $200

Don’t forget to add this infusion to your packing list! This combination of immune support and B vitamins for stress will help you begin your journey in great health.

Hydrate - $125

Quenches completely and rehydrates immediately. A great solution for any time you’ve overdone it to accelerate your recovery. People following keto/paleo diets especially benefit as those diets can affect electrolyte balance.

Nourish -$125

Soothing chicken soup for your blood cells! Dr. Oberg’s super-charged version of the Myer’s cocktail is the go-to when you just need a little TLC and a boost in nutrition. This formula contains electrolytes, Vitamin C, and critical B vitamins.


A strong immune system is a big advantage for humans, as it works as a protective barrier against invaders such as bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungus. If you are in need of an immunity boost to help combat illness or ready yourself for a vaccine, we have the IV therapies for you! Dr. Oberg has formulated these therapies using powerful nutrients and vitamins to help give your immune system the boost it needs.

Immunotonic - $325

There is no better immune vitamin than vitamin C, and this infusion delivers the equivalent of an entire handful of vitamin C pills! Dr. Oberg’s specific formula is balanced with electrolytes for tolerance and lysine and zinc for further support.

Mini-Immune - $125

The key nutrients critical to support the adaptive immune system to make just the right amount of response. Mag, Cal, Zinc, Selenium, and B vitamins. Pairs well with a Vitamin D shot.

Vitamin C - Starts at $225

Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant with particular affinity for the immune system. IV vitamin C has been used for its anti-cancer effects since the 1970s. It is one of the best researched, most helpful therapies outside of conventional treatment options. As immune support, vitamin C has been shown to reduce length of hospital stays and shorten the duration of colds, flus, and COVID. Higher doses require confirmation of G6PD status (a blood test) and approval by a staff doctor.

Hormone Balance

Hormone balance is vital for physical, mental, and emotional functioning. Healthy hormone levels help your body to run smoothly. When hormone levels become unbalanced, many unwanted symptoms can occur. At VitaLab, we offer a selection of IV therapies to help everyone ensure that hormones are balanced for a healthy and happy you.

He - $255

This nutrient combination supports lean muscle with amino acids and libido with zinc, and leaves you relaxed but energized with healthy doses of magnesium and B12.

She - $255

Created for gentle hormone detoxification and energy, this is a great formula to reduce PMS and perimenopause symptoms! Women can also benefit from it any time during their cycle.

They - $255

This is a useful formula for everyone! At the root of hormonal imbalances is the impact of stress on the adrenals. Cortisol “steals” all your hormone precursors, causing an imbalance in everything else. This formula can fix these imbalances for a healthier you.


Caring for your body is more important than ever during pregnancy, as your health affects your baby’s health. Taking the steps to ensure that you are getting the correct vitamins and nutrients is important for ensuring a healthy pregnancy. If you are seeking a natural remedy to symptoms associated with pregnancy or are simply looking for a boost in energy and hydration, we have the IV therapies to help.

1st Trimester - $200

Alleviates fatigue, nausea, and morning sickness, and contains key nutrition for this stage of pregnancy. Equally important is what it doesn’t contain – anything potentially risky during this critical time of development.

2nd Trimester - $200

During this stage of pregnancy, we prioritize hydration, key B vitamins, and calming taurine to help you focus on those nesting instincts!

3rd Trimester - $200

The formula contains energy-boosting B vitamins, magnesium for aching back, and other essential nutrients to help prepare you for birthing and healing afterward.