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Sometimes it can be difficult for our bodies to absorb enough nutrition from food or supplements. This can be due to many factors including issues with the gastrointestinal system, or because an individual has a higher need. At VitaLab, we offer high quality, high potency IV therapy treatments to help you get the nutrients that your body craves.

IV infusions involve administering high concentrations of vitamins and minerals directly into your circulation through a vein. This is achieved through a small flexible catheter in the arm. During your IV treatment at VitaLab, you can relax comfortably in an armchair while you receive your infusion, which can last from 20 minutes to several hours depending on the formulation. During this time, you can take advantage of our other therapies such as BrainTap for meditation, or just relax, read, or chat.

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Our standard repletion protocol involves getting an infusion once per week for a month, and another infusion two weeks later. Many individuals notice an improvement in how they feel right away, however, the benefits may diminish over the first week. Each subsequent infusion will last a bit longer.

We like to wait two weeks for the fifth infusion so that individuals have the opportunity to observe how well they are maintaining results. People may then return to the office for weekly or monthly infusions or any other time they wish to benefit from this treatment. There are also more intensive infusion protocols. For example, IV Vitamin C may be given a few times per week as part of an integrative oncology program for cancer or immune issues.


Dr. Oberg has also developed the following categories of IV formulations after years of experience to help with other health goals, including:


If you are interested in learning more about our IV Nutrition Therapies, contact VitaLab in San Diego, CA today to schedule an infusion appointment, or just drop by! Walk-ins are always welcome. Using cutting-edge science combined with integrative and natural medicine, Dr. Oberg is dedicated to helping people experience a higher level of health.

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